Brickblock: World's First Tokenized Real World Asset


Brickblock: World's First Tokenized Real World Asset

Brickblock is at the brink of breaking out to be the first blockchain based platform to provide a token based real world asset. This is going to be effected with a smart contract which allows users to buy real estate shares using Ethereum, trade ETF, and also provide a Coinfund platform. On the completion of each Real Estate transaction, users will be issued Proof of Asset token which opens them all to several benefits ownership of property can bring. To make the best of this technological advancement, you need to purchase Ether, as it is the only acceptable cryptocurrency on the Brickblock platform. In the absence of Ethereum, you could first exchange any other crypto you have for Ethereum so you can partake of Brickblock platform. After purchasing Ethereum, the next thing to do is register for the whitelist. When this registration is completed, you will have to get a MetaMask to access Brickblock's smart contract platform.

When looking to increase your real estate assets, ETF and Coinfund through cryptocurrency investment, Brickblock is the best and only option available to you. On Brickblock platform, you can trade real world assets and cryptocurrencies in such a decentralized manner through the blockchain's hash time locked contracts.

Brickblock ICO

Brickblock's ICO is to go through a three staged model which will include first to raise money for the team; raising money to develop minimum viable product to launch the first decentralized asset token exchange platform on the globe, and full time operation of Brickblock Token. As a blockchain based technology, liquidity is assured, and there is no need for middlemen or escrow managers.

Brickblock ICO is set to be launched on the 9th of May, 2018. Notwithstanding, Brickblock is opened to as many contributors as are ready to contribute. This initial contribution allows you receive Brickblock tokens that can be activated and traded when Brickblock's ICO is done. With early investment in Brickblock ICO, you will be entitled to 5% starting bonus. However, to contribute to Brickblock's ICO, you have to do this through your Ethereum wallet, and not through an exchange which you do not own a private key to. Besides this, when fully launched, Brickblock will be providing a lot of benefits to issuers and users alike. Having the Brickblock token gives users the opportunity of making profits on every transaction done on Brickblock using Brickblock's token.

Brickblock's Team

Driven by the goal of bringing effectiveness, and transparency to of real world assets, Brickblock requires the best team who are skilled in different facets of life as regards to real world asset activities, and cryptocurrencies as well. It is in line with its goal that the platform has gathered a team experts in legal, financial and regulatory activities as regards real estate management and investment, as well as cryptocurrency trading and exchange. Among these experts include:

Jakob Drzazga - Co-Founder

Martin Mischke - Co-Founder

Jeff Woodward - Director

Wayne Almeida - Director

Colin Nimsz - Head of Finance and Organization

Philip Paetz - Chief Tecnology Officer

Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru - Chief Marketing Officer


Real world assets have long awaited this sort of technological innovation. This is because transparency, digital payments and efficiency has long been needed in the field of real world assets. BrickBlock is not just going to be the first tokenized digital real world asset; it is going to provide the best real world asset service. Its token when listed on exchanges can be used in carrying out all activities on BrickBlock's platform and also be traded alongside other cryptocurrencies when listed.


Disclaimer: This is not investment or financial advice. Invest with caution.